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What type are you

There are many different options for you today that you can use to invest your money. Which form of investment you ultimately decide on depends on your personal wishes and the willingness to take risks. Shares are considered a risky form of investment, especially in Austria, as the return always depends on market fluctuations and the respective company development. However, if you invest carefully in stocks, you can achieve very good returns. However, there is no guarantee of profits. We would be happy to provide you with extensive advice on which options are available for you, how much risk you would like to take with the investment and what opportunities they may open up for you.

WedamStroj Anlageberatung Velden

Safety oriented

Low return and low risk

to preserve capital

It is often particularly difficult for laypeople to make the right decision about predisposition. The lowest possible risk is a very central aspect of their investment strategy, especially for beginners. Wide spreading is a good way to minimize risk; because if a stock market loses value, it is in most cases noticeably up elsewhere. But there are many other aspects that need to be considered. We are your advisors



Average return and manageable risk for slow asset accumulation

It is important that your risk profile fits both your personality and your financial goals. It makes little sense to always play it safe if you are really dependent on the higher interest rate - for example because you need it for your financial security in old age and also for the education of your children.

WedamStroj Anlageberatung Velden
WedamStroj Anlageberatung Velden

Growth oriented

Above-average return and increased risk for dynamic wealth accumulation

You need to be able to sleep peacefully with your investments and should not only keep an eye on the maximum possible profits. Regardless of whether you want to invest your money in real assets or rather in stocks - developing an investment strategy should always be a balanced decision between head and gut and can be optimally supported by professional advice.


Risk takers

Very high risk of speculative wealth accumulation

If you take too high a risk, you could lose your investment. If you take into account the basics of investing, the losses will not be too big, so that you can book the lost sum as a lesson.

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